Cognitive-behavioral Therapy: How Does CBT Help African Americans?

The modern world is very mixed. On the one hand, it is wealth, success and technological development, and on the other hand, the poverty, violence, and cruelty of others. Unfortunately, many African-American families often face the negative side of life. Many learn about violence, including sexual nature, from childhood. In the teenage years, brutality thrives on the part of street gangs. All this affects the perception of the world by man, everything around is perceived only in a negative way. Of course, over time, he begins to show violence against other people or becomes addicted (alcoholism, drug addiction, etc.). Lack of prospects and life in poverty especially affects young African Americans, pushing them farther and deeper. However, today many organizations help lost souls return to normal. One of them is African American family services (AAFS). It helps African-American families deal with their addiction or other psychological problems.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is the most effective treatment for these disorders. This is a general term for several techniques that take into account the importance of each person’s thinking and self-awareness. According to the CBT, it is thoughts that evoke feelings, emotions in a person and influence behavior. If you direct them in the right direction, then a person will soon see positive changes in his life.

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Cognitive-behavioral therapy has proven effective in treating panic attacks, anxiety, depression, insomnia, bipolar disorder, mood swings, various phobias, and addictions.

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AAFS is actively using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help African-American families. Therapists conduct individual sessions with each person in need. During these sessions, the patient must recognize and understand his negative thoughts, because of which he cannot live happily. The main goal of CBT is to change thinking and prepare the client for a more positive and responsible life. The patient must learn to properly respond to all failures and difficulties.

African American family services note that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is not a permanent treatment. Usually, the therapist spends 10-15 sessions. In severe cases, their number can increase to 20. The specialist pays special attention to the difficulties that are currently happening. Nevertheless, if necessary, he can discuss with the patient the stages of early life, which led the person to a difficult life. During the sessions, the therapist communicates with the patient, evaluates past responses to difficult life situations and corrects the dynamics of treatment. Thoughts, emotions, and behavior are interconnected. Therefore, CBT techniques allow therapists to intervene at different points in the treatment course.

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An important difference from a regular session with a psychologist is that the patient also acts as a doctor for himself. He helps himself to understand the problems, and CBT accelerates this process and monitors the progress of recovery. Specialists will often include homework in the course of treatment that helps people better understand their thoughts. The emphasis is on the provision of psychological tools, which will help the patient move towards their goals.

Many people confuse Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with a regular psychologist visit. But this is not so. CBT has proven to be superior to other methods thanks to the following features.

  • Identification of negative thinking that affects the formation of relevant feelings, emotions, and behavior
  • Restoring good relationships with the person and family
  • Elimination of feelings of grief caused by the loss of a loved one
  • Management of psychological disorders and anger
  • Normal sleep is restored
  • Getting rid of addictions (alcoholism, drug addiction)
  • Prevention of relapse of addictions

African American family services help everyone who applies. However, AAFS places a greater emphasis on African Americans, as they are less protected by the state. Specialists assist individuals as well as families and communities. For all the years of its existence, the organization has helped a large number of African Americans return to a full and happy life. If you have any difficulties or psychological problems, then refer to African American family services. They will help you!