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Wrist Curls – Work Out Your Forearms And Grip Properly

Barbell wrist curls are great for developing forearm muscles and training grip strength. The progress in many strength exercises is impossible without this. You can do flexion/extension wrist curls in the gym or at home. To do this, use a barbell, dumbbells, and other equipment. Let’s take a closer look at the exercise.

Exercise features

Wrist flexors are small, deeply located muscles, which cause the wrists to flex. Accordingly, the extensors are their antagonists. They provide hand mobility. Together with the brachioradialis muscle, they give the forearm a characteristic volume and relief. In addition, the finger muscles are stressed, which are necessary for a strong grip.

We do many wrist movements in daily life. However, this is not enough for the desired level of muscle development.

Athletes recommend doing flexions and extensions with as many reps and sets as possible. You can use a stand, bench, and hips for support. Don’t take heavyweights as the muscles are weak. Use the following equipment for training:

  • Barbell or empty bar

  • Dumbbells. In this case, train your wrists one at a time

  • An expander that can be fixed near the floor

  • Any other weight that is at hand (for home workouts)

Untreated injuries in this area are the only contraindication to exercise.

Wrist Curls technique

Take the starting position. To do this, you need to stand or sit to keep your elbows on the support. The angle at the elbows is 90 degrees, and the wrists move freely. You can sit on a bench and place your forearms on the bench edge. Another option is to kneel in front of a bench and place your forearms on it. Don’t you have inventory? Then sit down and place your elbows on thighs. The main condition is the immobility of the shoulder and forearm during the exercise.

Let’s do Barbell wrist flexions:

1Take the barbell with a bottom grip. Place the wrists slightly narrower than the shoulders. Take a starting position. If you work out in the gym, sit on the bench. Put your forearms on it so that your wrists hang down. You can first sit correctly. And then ask your partner to pass you the barbell.

2Flexion the hands at the wrists from the lowest position

Each set has 15-20 reps. Such 3-4 sets will give you an excellent result. You also can do it to muscle failure.

Let’s do Barbell wrist extensions:

1Change the grip without changing the starting position. Now, you should hold the weight with an overhand grip. Before doing this, reduce the weight a little.  Because the extension of your hands

2Lift your wrists as much as the joint flexibility will allow. Then get down them to starting position.

The number of sets and reps is similar to barbell wrist flexions. Better yet, do the exercise to muscle failure.

Helpful tips

The exercise technique is simple. However, the following recommendations will help you train your forearms and grip as efficiently as possible:

  • Don’t take your forearms from the support during the movement. The angle at the elbow joint is always straight. Flexion and extension occur at the wrist joint

  • Do you already have experience with the exercise? Fine. Then try extending your fingers slightly at the bottom of the movement while doing wrist curls. The weight will move closer to your fingers. The amplitude of motion will increase. Accordingly, muscle training will be more effective

  • Control your senses during workout and don’t sudden moves

You can do extension/flexion wrist curls by sitting, kneeling, etc. This doesn’t affect the result. The main role for achieving the best result is the number of reps/sets and the exercise technique.

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