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Advantages and Disadvantages of Topiglan Cream

Updated: 12.05.2021

There are a lot of talks about such a magic cream that can solve all problems with erection. Unfortunately, this method of ED treatment is still investigated. The cream really exists and is called topiglan. It is applied to the penis.

A couple with potency problemsThe active component in it is well known – it is alprostadil, which is available in the form of injection and suppository. Now the scientists decide if it is completely safe and effective as external use, and try to specify the difference between different forms of the appliance and give everyone reasons. Topiglan can be compared with brand Viagra or Cialis was taken by mouth. It is very convenient to use a cream instead of administering a pill.

What is Topiglan?

Topiglan is developed by the pharmaceutical company MacroChem Corporation. Mostly it works with the ingredient Alprostadil, also known as prostaglandin E1 or in short – PGE1. Though Alprostadil the main active component of this medication was approved in 1996, Topiglan cream has not yet been approved by the FDA.

This component is mixed with a substance increasing the speed of absorption into the skin of the penis and deeper. Penetrating the blood Alprostadil is delivered into the penis by blood vessels. Thus it increases the blood flow to the penis causing an erection just several minutes after application. The researches prove that Topiglan is effective in providing an erection even in those cases that are not cured by other drugs. And as far as this remedy is applied topically, there are fewer precautions and side effects as well as restrictions as to the interaction with other tabs, which can be administered simultaneously. Even patients suffering from diabetes or cardiovascular diseases can use this medication without any complications.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Topiglan

Let’s talk about advantages now:

  • First of all, we should mention its flexibility. It is cool that any man can use this method almost without being afraid of side effects because it acts locally compared to the action of oral ED remedies.
  • Another great advantage of this medication is the time needed for it to act. It works almost immediately that is why you can count on good spontaneous sex. Again if you compare this parameter with oral ED remedies, you can see that tabs usually require an hour or more to start acting.

Mentioning strengths we should discuss disadvantages also and it’s a pity there are some of them:

  • Even if there are almost no side effects and the allergic reactions are rarely observed, still they can be. The patient can notice rashes, reddening, and suffer from itching.
  • Here you should understand that the remedy acts only if there is a sexual drive, just as well as any other ED drug acts. It provides a man with necessary physical conditions, under which an erection can occur, but it does not increase a sexual desire.
  • The cream may lead to a very long erection if it is used more than prescribed. This case needs to be discussed with a doctor and should not be considered a norm.

So if you are not satisfied with Viagra, Levitra soft, or other ED tabs for some reason, just keep calm and wait for a little until this magic gel is approved and appears at online pharmacies. This is a good option and you will know more about it and other issues connected with erectile dysfunction here http://www.impotence-guide.com/.

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