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Sissy Squats – Powerful Exercise For Quadriceps

Sissy squats are an unusual exercise for working out the lower quadriceps. You can pay attention to it if you want to improve the shape of your legs. The exercise is popular among experienced athletes. They have powerful muscles thanks to basic exercises. And the legs only require relief of individual areas.

Exercise anatomy

The quads (lower half) take the most load during the Sissy squats. In addition, the calf muscles, glutes, and hamstrings work.

Pay special attention to the work of the joints. Exercise puts more stress on the knees. At the lowest point of movement, the knee joints are brought forward beyond the toe line. Such posture is traumatic. It’s the only disadvantage of the exercise, due to which athletes rarely add it to their training program. Sissy squats are contraindicated for any knee injury.

Doing exercise with care, even you don’t have knee problems. The benefit for muscle development should not pose a risk of injury. Don’t use weights too. Bodyweight is enough to maximize the load on the lower quadriceps.

Sissy squats are useful for developing flexibility and mobility in the ankle. It also participates in the movement.

Place in the training program

Sissy squat, performed on toes with support, is an unusual exercise. First, think about what tasks you plan to solve with it. The purpose of these squats is ‘effective correction of body proportions. Sissy squats are not suitable for gaining leg mass.

There are two different approaches to the squat technique. Some people prefer to use them to warm up before squats. In this case, Sissy squats act as a warming exercise, preparing the muscles for intense stress. Other athletes use Sissy squats to stretch their muscles. In this case, add the exercise at the end of your workout program.

Sissy squat technique

Let’s take a closer look at the exercise technique:

1Stand at the support and grasp it with one hand. A wall bar or handrail is perfect. The back should be straight. The shoulders are straightened

2Place your feet together or 20-25 cm wide parallel to each other. Bodyweight should fall on the toes and not on the heels when performing the exercise. Place sports equipment under your heels for comfort

3Do the exercise without weights. But if you feel that you don’t have enough of body weight, take a dumbbell or weight plate. Hold the weights in front of your chest (weight plate) or in an outstretched arm (dumbbell). Work out with weights, which will allow you to do 20-25 reps. Such precautions are associated with the risk of injury

4Squat slowly, keeping your back straight. Tilt the body back. The knee joints are bent until they reach a right angle. Some athletes squat until the knees touch the floor and the heels touch the buttocks. It’s a risk of injury. Do you need this – decide for yourself. Make sure that your knees don’t spread to the side but move straight forward

5Return slowly to the starting position just while exhaling. Don’t straighten your knees completely. So the movement will be less traumatic

6Do 20-25 reps. Rest and do one more set

Some athletes prefer to do Sissy squats in a sports machine called the Hack machine. It allows you to work out the quadriceps even more efficiently.


Common mistakes

Sissy squats with support may seem like a simple exercise. But it isn’t. Use the following tips to minimize injury and load quads to the maximum.

  • Avoid sudden movements and inertia. Squat as slowly as possible. Hold on to the support

  • Abandon the weights until you have mastered the exercise technique

  • It makes sense to do the Sissy squats in the middle of a workout or at the end of your leg exercises. First, warm up your knee joints and then do a Sissy squats. A few minutes of warm-up exercises will keep you safe from injury

  • If you add aerobic exercises to your training program, your body will develop harmoniously. If your goal is legs, a bicycle is perfect for you

  • Do as many reps as possible. Finish the set when there is a strong burning sensation in the muscles

  • Do you feel pain or discomfort in the knee joint during exercise? Replace squats with a safer exercise


Sissy squats will help those who want to achieve the perfect shape of the quads. Unlike dumbbell or barbell squats, they don’t increase the size and muscle mass of the thighs. Therefore, combine them with other leg exercises in supersets.

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