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Side Lying Leg Swing – Excellent Exercise For Hips, Glutes, And Abs

Side-lying leg swing is a simple but effective exercise that is included in many legs and glute workouts. You don’t need special equipment to do it, a lot of people do it at home.

What muscles is this exercise targeting?

First of all, the side-lying leg swing affects the area of the buttocks, namely the middle and small gluteus muscles. The core stabilizers, namely the oblique muscles of the abdomen, the lower back, and the spinal extensor muscles, also receive the load. Additionally, the movement engages the small muscles of the legs.

side lying leg swing_working muscles

Depending on the starting position, the trajectory of the leg during the swing and the turn of the foot, the quadriceps, hamstrings, and gluteus maximus may be involved.

Remember that the side-lying swing is a strength exercise. Its implementation can significantly improve the shape of the buttocks. However, exercise does not contribute to weight loss. If your goal is to lose weight, supplement your workouts with cardio and reduce calories.

Exercise technique

First, lie on your right side and stretch your legs. Place one hand on the floor in front of you at belly level, and rest on your elbow. Make sure you can keep your balance.

The classic side swing aimed at the gluteus medius muscles:

  • Bring your left leg up as far as your hip joint will allow. The leg is straight, the movement occurs vertically to the side, not forward or backward. The right leg, which is on the bottom, can be bent slightly to achieve better stability

  • Return your leg to its original position. Repeat the specified number of times and roll over to the other side

side lying leg swing_exercise technique

Let’s shift the emphasis towards the gluteus maximus and the back of the thigh:

  • Lying on your left side, take your right leg up and slightly back. At the same time, strain your foot and turn it with the heel towards the ceiling

  • Do the required number of reps and rollover

If, on the contrary, it’s necessary to transfer the load forward:

  • From the starting position, lift and take your leg forward. At the same time, turn the foot slightly with the toe towards the ceiling

A combined option for those who need to work through everything at once:

  • Get on your knees. Lean-to the left, place your left palm on the floor, bend your right arm at the elbow and put your palm behind your head. Straighten your left leg and lift it up to parallel with the floor. It’s the starting position

  • As you inhale, take your raised leg forward. It’s the first phase

  • As you exhale, take the same leg back. It’s the second phase

  • Repeat the swings a specified number of times

For beginners, it’s enough to do 2 sets for each leg. Those who are confident in their abilities can increase their number to 3-4. The number of reps is 15-20.

To achieve lasting results and harmonious development of the muscles of the lower body, combine swings with other strength exercises. Finish each session with stretching.

Using weights

When you fully master the side-lying swing exercise, it will begin to lose its effectiveness. To avoid this, try more advanced swings. Specifically, use weights.

side lying leg swing_using weights

Put on weights of 0.5-1 kg on your feet. It’ll make the muscles work harder. You can use a rubber expander or tape for the same purposes.

Side-lying leg swing is an indispensable buttocks exercise. Performing it regularly will significantly improve the shape of the lower body and bring the muscles to the required tone.

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