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Detailed Quick Extender Pro Review

quick extender pro
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It is not uncommon for partners in otherwise healthy and happy relationships to struggle when matters get to their most intimate. Problems in the bedroom can have many causes, but certainly, one of the more common issues couples suffer from is male performance, specifically performance related to erection strength and penis size.

In various polls, anywhere from 40-75% of females privately polled expressed dissatisfaction with their current partner’s penis size. So what to do? Many long and fruitful relationships have survived problems and shortcomings that were simply accepted. But these days, with more and more choice available to us, and ever-higher demands, with the fluid nature of modern dating and mate selection, simply “accepting” shortcomings or overlooking them is less likely than ever.

So what a modern man tends to do in his life, whether it’s in his career, health, or personal goals, is to take charge. And it doesn’t get much better for modern solutions to age-old problems than the Quick Extender Pro (QEP).

The Quick Extender Pro is a penis extension device that has dominated the market going on for 2 decades – and in case this is your first exposure to the notion of penis extension: it’s a proven concept. Far more than pills or grisly, archaic methods attempted throughout the last millennium, gradual mechanical traction to extend the penis at the cellular level has a new century of scientifically confirmed results behind it.

Read on throughout the article, and you will be provided with plenty more information on these points. For a starting point, it’s important to state clearly that penis extenders are a not-so-hidden secret that a large portion of the male population is already using to enhance their penis size, confidence, performance, and life.

The difference made by introducing the Quick Extender Pro is huge for so many relationships and the general dating success of men dissatisfied with their penis size and sexual function. In this article, we’ll explain the benefits, the guarantees, the usage, and more about the penis extender industry’s top solution to the #1 sex problem between men and women.

The Quick Extender Pro is the leading edge of this ever-growing field. A relentlessly improving brand, Quick Extender Pro has made its name interchangeable with penis extenders in the same way as Xerox, Frigidaire, and Kleenex.

Quick Extender Pro sets the standards and establishes the feature advances all other extension device manufacturers follow. And most importantly, Quick Extender Pro improves results. And results are what you’re looking for if you’re reading this. So let’s dig into the product in this full-length Quick Extender Pro review.


The Quick Extender Pro is a penis extender – the best penis extender available – that is so certain to work there’s a money-back guarantee. Accepting that, there’s little to lose if you’re one of the many men seeking to increase your size. But let’s get into how this penis extension actually works, and what the Quick Extender Pro is, over and above the crowd of penis extenders available.

A penis extender is a device that fits onto the penis and with tension at the base and the head of the penis gradually encourages the growth of the male sex organ over time. Unlike penis pumps, or booster pumps, or certain tugging exercises, the growth gains from penis extender devices are permanent.

Penis extenders draw their origins back to the medical field, and the earliest versions were actually developed for recovery from traumatic surgeries. As science and medicine advanced, the traction devices used to ensure safe and regular healing began to show additional benefits, and engineers adapted the devices to serve men’s needs above and beyond surgical recovery.

These benefits ranged from growth of the anatomy, to even the correction of curvature in men suffering from bends or the painful condition known as Peyronie’s disease. Through dedication to their roots and an innovative eye always towards the future, Quick Extender Pro still uses medical-grade materials for all of their devices while perfecting the ergonomic form, feel, and effectiveness to deliver the one thing the world revolves around: results.

The Quick Extender Pro makes the most lightweight, strong, and fastest-acting penis extender available. The pillars of their product are results, comfort, ease of use, and value. One of the defining features of the Quick Extender Pro is the Double Strap System, implementing dual silicon straps with breathable hypoallergenic foam padding to ensure a firm but gentle, soft point of contact, distributed on the shaft of your penis to avoid any possible constriction or discomfort.

Ingeniously, this has the dual effect of making the Quick Extender Pro the most comfortable penis extender to wear, allowing longer periods of usage, creating faster results.


In a nutshell, there you have the essence of what makes the Quick Extender Pro the superior product. But you may still be curious how or why consistent, gradual tension would actually result in growth and additional penis health?

When a penis extender is worn for some hours, on a regular basis, a natural biological process at the cellular level called mitosis is encouraged and enhanced. As the length of the penile shaft has constant, slight tension applied to it an increase of the dividing of cells is triggered resulting in the growth of the penis overall – and not just in length, but also in circumference as the process is taking place in 360 degrees around the central axis of the shaft.

Unlike stacked neck rings, ear gauges, head- or foot-binding, or otherwise damaging or distorting practices humans have been using around the world for thousands of years to reshape the growth of certain parts of the body, the scientifically cultivated modern engineering of penis extenders ensures perfect, even growth of a part of the body that is most sensitive to fluctuation.

In fact, the sensitive nature of the sex organ has led to the fine-tuning penis extenders to be of the highest level among health industry devices and to provide maximum comfort and results with absolute safety.

In this way, you can wear the Quick Extender Pro for hours throughout the day as it steadily does its work to bring you from your current penis size to that which you and your partner have only previously been daydreaming about. And it’s simple to use.


While you can refer to their official website for full descriptions and plenty of helpful information – in addition to the instructions that come with the product – we can provide you with an overview here of how to use the Quick Extender Pro.

You start by putting your penis – always flaccid for the usage of the device – through the base ring and using the dual straps at the head of the device – the glans piece – to comfortably secure the head of your penis so the device can then be extended using fine-tuneable adjustment braces to either side of the penis shaft.


Quick Extender Pro offers three general packages for different budgets and user provision. These three packages contain a different variety of parts to start, but with whichever one you choose (and additionally from the official website’s extra parts page) you are provided with what is needed to begin a growing regimen and start adding inches to your penis right on delivery.

The continued growth occurs as the lightweight aluminum spring-tension pistons parallel to your penis shaft have segments to the rods that are added over weeks as your body fills out the space you are giving it to grow.

You wear the device comfortably in any low-activity environment you choose – around the house, in the office, on the commute – for as many hours a day as you choose, and the more often you wear it the more rapidly your results arrive, thanks to your own body’s natural biological processes, which the QEP simply coaxes from your body to a specific part of your anatomy through the insights of the combined fields of medicine, biology, and engineering.

Utilizing the same biological process – cell mitosis – the QEP has the additional benefit for the many men who possess an inconvenient curvature in their erections: curvature correction. The Quick Extender Pro, and specifically, the Quick Extender Pro Curvature & Peyronies Edition, works to address the issue of erectile curvature. And that’s not all.


We’ve discussed the clear benefits of the Quick Extender Pro – you’re getting growth of length and width of the penis. We’ve mentioned that it also achieves straightening in men who suffer from unwanted or even painful curvature. But the Quick Extender Pro has knock-on effects in addition to these main selling points.

Due to the increased blood flow encouraged by the QEP in the men who apply it, the results during times of arousal are naturally stronger, firmer, longer-lasting erections.

This is another aspect of Quick Extender Pro over and beyond alternative methods – often temporary, usually inconvenient – like penis pumps, which provide a short-term, purely visual boost – Quick Extender Pro provides functional, performance enhancements to your sex-life and the physiological operation of your sex organ.

Paired with a healthy diet (check out my top diet pills) and attention to cardiovascular health, users of the Quick Extender Pro can see a complete transformation of their sex life from a major source of dissatisfaction and frustration to sex being a point of pride and a cornerstone of personal confidence and one of the bonding cement of your relationship. Sex can go from a simple, anxiety-loaded craving to something you eagerly look forward to excelling at on a nightly basis.

Another major sex issue that plagues many bedrooms is premature ejaculation. Studies have drawn correlations between premature ejaculation issues and the major factors – both psychological and physical – of perceived size deficiencies, erectile dysfunction, and awkward curvature.

Subtle differences in the sexual performance endurance with both new and long-term partners, from the initialization of sexual arousal to sustained penetration, have been proven to depend on erection strength and healthy routine circulation to the male genitalia. In this way, QEP users often experience a drastic reduction or elimination of issues relating to premature ejaculation.

As if that wasn’t enough, users interested in increasing their overall quality and quantity of ejaculations will find this as a common benefit accompanying the others, in large part related to the similar reasons of better, more well-accommodated circulation of oxygenating blood to the region of the body designed to deliver all the necessities for procreation.

And as stated, the potentially painful, awkward, and often uncomfortable condition of a curved penis, including but not limited to the serious condition known as Peyronie’s, is naturally rectified through consistent usage of the Quick Extender Pro. It straightens the shaft in a single direction as it grows, and the “plaques”, as they are known, that cause Peyronie’s and divert erections to one direction or another are allowed to be broken down and replaced with healthy cells as the mitosis carries on throughout the regimen.


The great features of the Quick Extender Pro go well beyond what we’ve already mentioned. Using the product and experiencing its results are what we expect to matter most to you, however, the company has an entire foundation of strength, service, and reliability built behind the results and design that brings it clear and deserved acclaim as the industry’s top dog.

Quick Extender Pro is the most established brand among penis extenders. For nearly two decades it has gotten to the top and remained at the top, through their first introduction of the simple, elegant, supremely effective Double Strap System (DSS) to the continual improvement and refinement of the product’s shape and function.

With the focus on quality materials and commitment to the medical pedigree at its roots, Quick Extender Pro unquestioningly produces the best physical product in the industry. This would be enough on its own, however, the challenging spirit behind the brand couldn’t rest at just that.

Quick Extender Pro has built a reputation on quality, use, innovation, and service. There’s a confidence that underwrites this brand, no more clearly present than in their money-back guarantee. The confidence is literally infectious, as their product is guaranteed to bring results, and those results are guaranteed to increase your confidence by giving you the ultimate reinforcement to self-esteem that every man seeks.

Quick Extender Pro creates the circumstances for you to jump in without the slightest reservations, to change that energy in your life, starting in the bedroom and in front of the mirror and extending into every other area of activity.

In addition to an unbeatable return policy, Quick Extender Pro has your back at every step of the product’s usage. Their customer service is widely praised and goes above and beyond to make sure you get your results. They bind themselves to your success at Quick Extender Pro – the better you do the better they do through reputation and yet another example of proof of concept.

As such, their entire process from product introduction at the official website, to package selection to fit your budgetary and pacing needs, to the discreteness of delivery and billing, to continued customer support available throughout your usage regimen, is all thought-through to ensure the achievement and satisfaction of your goals.

Quick Extender Pro offers 4 distinct packages, each tailored to meet your needs. For those requiring gains at the absolute lowest price, the Quick Extender Pro Value Edition provides as much as most other company’s deluxe packages.

Most users will find Quick Extender Pro Deluxe Standard Edition to suit their needs. It provides all the necessities contained in the Value package with plenty of additional replacement and continued-growth parts to put you in a position to continue your growth regimen without any additional resupply for the first 6-12 months.

The Standard package also includes some sex health media and improved tension springs, along with promotional benefits from partner sex health supplements.

The Curvature & Peyronie’s Edition is catered to include materials specifically for those men seeking to grow as well as straighten an unwanted curve. It is priced similarly to the Standard Edition.

Finally, for those seeking the absolute top of the line elite experience, there is the Quick Extender Pro Deluxe Limited Edition, which includes enough spare and replacement parts to keep you growing well past the first year, maximum quality padding and tension springs, as well as a suite of sex health media and the highest level of promotional bonuses of all the models.

Experience Penis Enlargement and Curvature Correction


You know about the guarantee, but just how quickly does Quick Extender Pro deliver its results? And what can you expect in terms of those results?

Well, as mentioned before, the rate of growth relies on a few factors, the main one being how many hours per week you wear the device. Penis extenders from less experienced and reputable brands are known to be uncomfortable after a couple of hours of use; they can pinch or constrict blood flow.

With the Double Strap System, the Quick Extender Pro wears like a glove and can be used far longer per day than the other extenders on the market. Growth results are fast – you will be able to measure gains in 1-4 weeks, and within the first couple of months Quick Extender Pro results will have you well on your way to your size goals.

Quick Extender Pro before and after scenarios can be shocking. Some men report 3 inches of growth in length, and the absolute lower end of expectations can be reliably set at 1 inch of length growth within the first 6 months to a year of use. And you can continue using Quick Extender Pro for as long as you want.

Most users experience their most significant gains within the first 12-18 months, but gradual and consistent growth continuing from that period is possible by continuing to follow the Quick Extender Pro instructions.

Quick Extender Pro results speak for themselves, and testimonials from users are widely available. Growth in length will be joined by growth in circumference, so your girth will gain as mitosis fills in cells in all dimensions. And with the increase and acceleration of cell division comes improved circulation, which translates directly to stronger, harder, longer-lasting erections and increased sperm production. And if you have uncomfortable curvature, that will be corrected over the weeks as growth is achieved.

So what time scales are normal? Body chemistry, resistance or adaptability, diet, and activity all play a role, but most men start seeing measurable growth within the first two weeks. Within a month of use, all users will see their gains begun. As stated, typical growth within the first 6-12 months is 1-3 inches, with a gain of 1-2 inches of gains in circumference.


In a word: yes. As stated earlier in this Quick Extender Pro review, penis extenders draw their origins to the medical field, to advances in the previous century in the field of rehabilitation and recovery from surgeries to male sex organs.

With the medical pedigree, the traction device that today’s state-of-the-art penis extenders trace their origins to was designed under the Hippocratic principle “do no harm.” And Quick Extender Pro is a quick pro extender, fast and professional, which still uses strictly medical grade materials to ensure the best build quality at the lightest weight possible.

Technology has come a long way, and materials of lighter weight are even stronger than their heavier counterparts from the past. And tissue damage, bruising, or constriction of blood flow to the penis has been completely prevented by Quick Extender Pro’s Double Strap System.

By distributing the grip at the head – or glans – of the penis across two silicon tubes with breathable padding around each point of contact the Quick Extender Pro ensures no single area of the penis is squeezed even to the point of discomfort, let alone possible damage.

Additionally, the use of the Quick Extender Pro requires no substances or chemicals. It works entirely through safe, firm but gentle, physical means. So any concerns about allergies or dietary restrictions can be set aside. All the medical-grade materials are 100% hypoallergenic and quality controlled for exact consistency. And, as detailed on the Quick Extender Pro official website, if anything is wrong with your unit it will be replaced by the company upon notification.


If you’re reading this, or other, Quick Extender Pro reviews, then it is highly likely this product is for you. Wanting a bigger penis, better sexual performance for your romantic partner, resolution of erectile dysfunctions, ending premature ejaculation, improving strength and durability of erections and ejaculations – these are all as natural and common as any other part of the pursuit of happiness.

Even if you’re someone who is presently satisfied with their sexual performance, who doesn’t want things to get even better?

The Quick Extender Pro offers a singular solution for men suffering from issues that have been out of their control their entire lives, and out of the control of men throughout history – until now.

Whether you want to last longer or deliver a harder payload to your partner more consistently for more minutes per night, whether you want to look better in front of the mirror while flaccid, or simply gain the confidence you may be lacking in public or in social situations, whether you want to walk into that date with the elusive Big Dick Energy young women have a spreading appetite for in their potential partners, or whether you simply want to know that you’ve taken control of a part of your life you thought you simply had to accept before, the Quick Extender Pro is a solution among solutions for you.

The Quick Extender Pro will work for young men as well as old. It will work for men with curvature to both correct their curvature over time and lengthen and thicken their members. The Quick Extender Pro will work if you live an active lifestyle or even if you are more sedentary.

It can be worn under any low-intensity scenario discretely under your pants – manual laborers or those with strenuous physical jobs can wear it after work around the house all evening. Those with office or other less active workplaces can even wear it as they earn their paycheck.

The Quick Extender Pro adapts to all starting sizes, so no matter how big or small you may be at this moment, QEP has the formula to get you more inches.


9.3 Total Score
Quick Extender Pro Summary

We’ll end this Quick Extender Pro review with a simple statement: if you’ve ever been concerned about your penis size and thought there wasn’t much you could do about it, Quick Extender Pro is proof that there is always a way to improve your circumstances if you put in the energy to finding it.

Quick Extender Pro has delivered many men out of their misfortunes in the bedrooms by delivering them guaranteed results.

Inches upon inches of safe, healthy growth, stimulated from the body’s natural processes, improved sexual health and general increase in quality of life from the health or your relationship to your confidence throughout every area of life; these are the gains awaiting you with this product, our top recommendation in a crowded competitive industry that has grown around an easily understandable, widespread demand among a population where everyone knows, deep down, size matters.

And now there’s a way to take control and get where you’ve been wanting to be. Quick Extender Pro gets our top recommendation and Editor’s Choice for penis extender device.

  • Excellent value, the best product on the market at a baseline price
  • Multiple packages for all needs and budgets
  • Bonus content in the packages, such as extra parts and sex health DVDs
  • Customer service, dedicated, 24/7
  • Discreet billing, discreet shipping, your privacy respected
  • Safe, medical pedigree and background ensures total penis health
  • Tested tried & true, a company with a long history and experience of results
  • Fast results, the fastest working method to provide growth
  • Easy to use, simple instructions and concept get you started right out of the box
  • Lightweight, comfortable, and virtually unnoticeable due to high-grade materials
  • Versatile use, wearable under the pants around the house or office
  • Multiple benefits, growth in length and girth, affects ED issues, improve erections
  • Quality, an entire brand designed around delivering results and a satisfying experience
  • Not the least expensive on the market, some brands offer less for less
  • Consistent use is required, following the instructions and committing to use are important

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Detailed Quick Extender Pro Review
Detailed Quick Extender Pro Review
$119.93 $479.93

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