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Popular Means To Cure Potency

Nowadays there exists an endless selection of fast-acting erection pills to recover potency within the shortest period of time. Medicines for erection treatment are prescribed on the assumption of causes of erectile dysfunction, its severity, age of a patient, and contraindications.

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Drugs for erection are typically divided into:

  1. Inhibitors of phosphodiesterase -5 (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Zydena),
  2. Hormonal agents based on testosterone,
  3. Biologically active additives (Tongkat Ali).

Lets us consider more precisely the group of inhibitors of phosphodiesterase -5.

Inhibitors of phosphodiesterase -5

This group of agents consists of fast-acting erection pills, which are aimed to improve penile blood supply by blocking one enzyme in a man’s body (phosphodiesterase -5), increasing cyclic guanosine monophosphate, and releasing nonstriated muscles in arteries of a phallus. This makes cavernous bodies of the penis get filled with blood, and erection comes.

The specific feature of these preparations is that they work provided a man experiences sexual arousal. In other words, inhibitors PDE-5 on their own account do not increase libido, do not provoke sexual desire, and are not stimulants.


It is the first pharmaceutical agent, which has been on the market for more than 12years already. Viagra is taking the leading position among other penis erection pills.

The active substance is Sildenafil – a synthetic agent. A pill is taken 20 minutes before sexual performance. Its effectiveness remains for 5-6 hours. A daily dose must not exceed 100 mg, otherwise, headache, heartburn, palpitation, and other side effects are possible.


Though this medicine is relatively new, it has already won the appreciation of many men due to its quick effect. The drug has a very long period of action – up to 36 hours. A recommended dose is Cialis 20mg, if exceeded, some complications are possible: head and stomach aches, nose stuffiness, and hypertension.


It is the newest medicine with a minimal amount of after-effects (in comparison with Cialis or Viagra) and is considered to be the most powerful selective inhibitor of PDE-5. Levitra can be taken even by elderly men over 75. A 20mg pill starts acting in 20 minutes with continuing effect up to 6 hours.


These penis erection pills are only gaining popularity, as the product has recently come on the market. Its action time is 24 hours. The drug is released in 100 mg pills. The daily dose can be increased if a desirable effect is absent. The action is achieved in 20 minutes.


This preparation does not only quickly enhance potency, but also is effective like a course therapy to cure severe erectile dysfunction. 2 pills are taken 1-2 hours before sexual relations. A man should not water them – they quickly dissolve in a mouth. The effect remains for 6 hours. Contradictions are only an individual intolerance to the components.

Before using synthetic medicines to cure erectile dysfunction, a man can try to recover his sexual power by natural means. Take up any sport and increase physical activity, pay special attention to exercises, which train the pubococcygeal muscle. The better this muscle is trained, the stronger and longer your erection is. Give up harmful habits, reconsider your diet and way of life, and avoid stress and have enough sleep. If you cannot help taking pills for potency, try to combine them with natural methods – the effectiveness of the therapy will be much higher then.


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