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Planche Push-Ups – DoThe Exercise Properly

Planche push-ups are an advanced exercise for athletes in good physical condition. If the classic push-ups no longer bring you the desired satisfaction, try to master this spectacular and complex element at the junction of gymnastics and workouts. With a certain amount of patience and hard work, you will be one of the few athletes who have succeeded.

A few words about the exercise

Performing planche push-ups requires basic training. The muscles of the arms and shoulder girdle, as well as the entire musculature of the body, are actively involved in the exercise. As a preparation, you can use close grip push-ups (triceps), classic push-ups, or pike push-ups. When you can easily perform any standard push-ups 50 times, you can begin to master the exercise.

Also, don’t forget to train your abs and back muscles. After all, to keep the torso in a position parallel to the floor, you’ll need to maintain perfect balance, and this requires coordinated work of the core muscles.

Planche push-ups training takes place in several stages, from simple to complex. Breathing plays an important role. Here everything is as with ordinary push-ups – exhalation on the rise, inhalation on the lowering. Planche push-ups involve significant muscle tension in the upper body, making breathing difficult. It’s important to pay attention to it and learn to breathe evenly no matter what.

Mastering the exercise

To learn planche push-ups , it’s enough to imagine the intermediate stages that will allow you to bring the body into a horizontal position. There are two methods.

1A gradual increase in the difficulty of push-ups from normal to horizontal. The mastery of hand-balancing occurs gradually as the exercise becomes more difficult

2Training in balancing on arms with legs tucked into the body, spread apart, and extended horizontally. Further training in push-ups in each of the mastered positions.

You can choose any of the above methods or combine them. The ultimate goal is one way or another the same.

The first way

With this set, you gradually increase the difficulty of the push-ups.

So, the stages are as follows.

  • First, you need to learn how to do push-ups for triceps, gradually moving your arms closer to your waist. The hands are placed shoulder-width apart, and the fingers are directed forward, the elbows are pressed against the body. If your hand isn’t flexible enough for the position, swing your fingers out to the sides. You need to do at least 20 push-ups in three sets.

  • Now you need to raise your legs, leaning against the wall. Touch the wall with your feet, insuring yourself from lowering your feet to the floor. While doing push-ups, take small sliding steps up and down the wall. Gradually try to keep touching the wall to a minimum. Bring the number of such push-ups to 20, as in the previous case.

  • The time has come to do push-ups without support with legs apart. It is much easier to maintain balance when your legs are not joined together, but slightly apart. Now, you’ll learn how to go into a horizontal position from a squatting position with your hands on the sides of the body. To do it, while squatting, transfer your body weight to your arms, straighten your legs back and to the sides. Your muscles are already sufficiently prepared for the movement. You just need to develop coordination. Do 3 sets of 5 reps.

  • The final is the same as the previous stage, only now you put your legs together. These are the planche push-ups that you were originally aiming for. Congratulations, you have reached a new level of control over your own body! Do 3 sets of 5 reps.

The second way

The method assumes that you first learn to keep your weight on your arms alone, without using your legs. Once you’ve mastered the skill, you start doing push-ups without legs in a grouped position. Next, you straighten your legs back and learn to keep the body horizontal.

Let’s take a closer look:

  • The first stage is hand balancing. Squat down with your hands on either side of you. Transferring your weight to your hands, gradually raise your pelvis. Try to stand in this position as long as you can. After practicing maintaining balance, try push-ups in such a position. Try doing 20 push-ups.

  • Further, from a squatting position, learn to raise your pelvis higher and extend your legs to the sides. Stay in the position for as long as possible. Now do push-ups with your legs apart.

  • Now you need to get out of a sitting position immediately into a horizontal position with your legs together. Once you have worked out the balance, start training push-ups. Work up to 5 reps on three sets. Congratulations, you have achieved your goal!

This method, just like the previous one, will lead you to the desired result. It is important to pay attention to muscle control and even breathing.

Planche push-ups are a challenging and beautiful exercise that shows that your fitness level is truly amazing!

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