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Leg Exercise On The Abduction Machine – Training The Inner Thighs

Seated hip abductions workout is a popular lower body exercise. It’s often included in a comprehensive lower body workout program, along with basic exercises. The information allows you to load the muscles of the inner thigh in isolation.

What muscles work during the exercise?

What muscles are loaded during seated hip abductions workout? First of all, the exercise uses the muscles of the inner thigh, as mentioned above. More specifically, these are the thin and adductor muscles. Additionally, the muscles of the abdomen, the extensor muscles of the spine, and the lower back are being worked out.


Worked muscles: 1 – comb; 2,3,4 – short, long, large adductor muscles

“Seated hip abductions workout does not apply to basic movements. For this reason, it must be combined with other exercises to develop the muscles of the thighs and buttocks. It’ll allow you to achieve a harmonious and beautiful figure.”

You can also alternate it with similar exercises. This approach will make your workouts more efficient.

Exercise description

How to do a seated hip abductions workout? First, take the correct starting position. Set the correct weight on the machine. The recommended starting load for women is 10-15 kg. For men – 20-25 kg. Finding the right weight is easy. Set the load to medium and try to complete one set. If you can do 10 reps and feel obvious muscle fatigue, the weight you choose is right for you.


Performance of exercise

Before doing the exercise, make sure that your weight is on your sit bones. Spread your chest, place your legs behind special soft rests, and spread them as wide as possible. Grasp the handles with your hands. Now you can start the main part of the exercise.

1As you inhale, tighten your abs and bring your legs together. Hold for a moment in the maximum tension position

2Slowly return to the starting position and exhale

The exercise is suitable for all fitness levels. Perform 10 to 15 reps based on how you feel. Rest for 30 seconds, stand up and stretch your legs a little. Perform 1-2 more sets.

Helpful tips

To get the best results from your workout, check out the following guidelines.

  • Warm your hip joints and inguinal ligaments before doing the exercise. Thus, you will increase the range of motion, and it will become easier for the muscles to perceive the load

  • Some people advise changing the position of the back during the exercise, as this allows you to work out different areas of the muscles. Do the first half of the reps with your back leaning back, then bend forward with a straight body

  • You can also change the position of the feet. By directing them inward or outward, you can shift the load towards the front or back of the thigh

  • Keep your back straight. Never hunch your back during the last reps! If you are out of strength, shorten the exercise or help yourself overcome resistance with your hands

  • Work slowly and avoid sudden movements. Try not to use the force of inertia

  • Warm-up plays an important role. Your muscles will only be elastic enough if you don’t skip the stretch. In addition to increasing the effectiveness of the exercise, stretching promotes the removal of lactic acid from the muscles, thereby relieving the soreness that usually occurs the day after training


Pre-stretching and warming up the hip joints will increase the range of motion

Keep in mind that, like other strength exercises, a seated hip abductions workout does not help you lose weight. Their goal is to strengthen the muscles. If you want to reduce the volume of your thighs, supplement your workout with cardio exercises. An elliptical trainer and an exercise bike are best. Exercise 3-4 times a week with moderate intensity programs. You should engage in aerobic activity immediately after strength training.

A seated hip abductions workout, performed in the simulator, is a complementary exercise for thigh muscles. Performing them regularly will strengthen your legs and make your figure beautiful.

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