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Kettlebell Squat – Exercise Technique And Benefits

The kettlebell (or Goblet) squat is a good exercise for developing the muscles in your thighs and buttocks. It’s easier than training with the barbell. The exercise is great for training beginner athletes. At the same time, the Kettlebell squat is an element of a mandatory program for those who like kettlebell lifting. Let’s take a closer look at the Goblet squat.

What are the benefits of exercise?

Like other types of squats, the Kettlebell squat develops the muscles of the lower body. First of all, these are the quads (front of the thigh). The gluteus maximus muscles work too. The back of the thigh muscles, calf muscles, and lower back have additional stress. The biceps and shoulders have static tension due to the kettlebell in the arms. In other words, you are training different muscle groups.

Kettlebell squats effectively work the leg and buttock muscles

In addition to training the hips and buttocks, exercise has the following positive effects:

  • You need to work on mobility and flexibility of the hip joint and lower back stability to do the Kettlebell squat properly. The ability not to twist the tailbone forward when training is an important quality for an athlete

  • The large range of motion gives good stretching to the muscles of the thighs and buttocks. By the way, the more the muscle is stretched, the more effective training

  • Improving blood circulation in the pelvic organs. Prevention of health problems

Please note that you put a lot of stress on your knee ligaments when doing deep squats. It increases the likelihood of injury. Therefore, deep squats are dangerous for beginners who have underdeveloped muscles in the legs, buttocks, and back. If you just started training in the gym, then do regular squats, in which your thighs are parallel to the floor. In addition, people with lower back pain should be careful. Otherwise, the Goblet squat is safe if you follow the exercise technique.

How to do Kettlebell squat?

Now let’s talk about the exercise technique.

1Stand up straight. Place your feet slightly wider than your shoulders and turn them outward. You can take the kettlebell in your hands or put it in front of you. It will be more convenient for you if you take it immediately. Hold the kettlebell in bent arms at chest level, close to your body.

2Do a squat while inhaling. You must keep your back straight. This is a natural deflection in the lower back. How deep should you lower your pelvis during exercise? It depends on your flexibility and physical training. If you are an experienced athlete and can squat below the parallel of the hips to the floor, keeping your back straight and not twisting your tailbone forward, then squat deep. If your physical training doesn’t allow this, squat to parallel. Watch your knees. Put down your elbows during the move. In the case of a deep squat, they are between the knees.

3Press your heels on the floor and return to starting position while exhaling. Make sure that your knees don’t come together.

Perform the exercise 10-15 reps in 3-4 sets. Or change their amount according to your individual training program. Choose the maximum weight of the kettlebell, which will not upset your balance and exercise technique.


Useful tips

Fitness trainers recommend some tips to help work out as efficiently and safely as possible:

  • Pay attention to your knees. They should match the direction of the feet toes

  • Don’t curl your buttocks forward. Try to keep your back straight and take your tailbone back

  • When you stand up from a squat, it’s always tempting to lift your pelvis first and then your shoulders. It’s a wrong exercise technique. Keep your back straight and don’t tilt your body forward

  • You can apply a little pressure to the inside of your legs by lowering your elbows between your legs. It will allow you to spread your knees wider

  • You can use a dumbbell instead of a kettlebell

Add some stretching exercises to your workout. It will help you progress faster in the Kettlebell squat.

Regularly Goblet squat training with other leg and glute exercises is very effective. You’ll get the perfect shape and strengthen the muscles of the lower body.

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