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How To Maintain Men’s Health?

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Eternal questions that many have been interested in and are interested in at all times, and answer to which is known only to elect is essentially secret knowledge that is passed down from generation to generation from grandfather to father, from father to son and is the answer to questions that always remain relevant.

These are questions about men’s health, strength, about the relationship between man and woman. Why are we so drawn to each other? What kind of power is this? What does it depend on? How often can you make love? How to increase your sexual power? Answers to these and other questions from the bow of centuries interest men.


According to statistics, the average man makes love about 2-3 times per week. Duration of sexual intercourse is on average about 10-15 minutes. Someone can do little more, someone little less isn`t a point. Anyway, in fact, it`s very, very little!

In such a short time, a woman is just beginning to “warm-up” and enter “to taste”, even as she wants to continue more than anything, at that very moment man is already finishing. As a result, both receive less mass of pleasures and pleasures, being satisfied with only a small part of the huge, endless world of voluptuous love relationships.

How to be in this case?

There is a way out! There is a technique, that allows man to be always in good shape and make love as much as he wants or his woman wants it! Though every day, at least several times a day!

And, at the same time as long as you like, at least for several hours in a row! Such results can achieve every man, regardless of age. This isn`t fiction, this is reality.

It`s also known that harmonious lovemaking isn`t only pleasant, but, as it turns out, good for health. It`s proved that men who live in pairs with women are less sick and their lifespan is much longer than bachelors. Men who own this technique, retain their strength and health, being always in high spirits, and are ready to bring their girlfriends a lot of joy and beautiful, incomparable orgasms.

The importance of orgasm for men and women is difficult to overestimate, everyone understands it. Remember, you probably also noticed how a person is transformed when he is sexually satisfied.

Orgasmic wave, which travels through the body, renews and cleanses the body, is the prevention of many diseases, so eyes begin to shine, skin becomes soft, supple and body is graceful, and the person himself is balanced and calm. Man and woman feel immensely happy, and man especially – because it gives him so much pleasure to his girlfriend.

Different health conditions for different men

Some men are 50 years and older, not paying any attention to age, making love every day (or almost every day) in morning and evening, and sometimes several times a day.

The duration of one act is from 40 minutes to one and a half to two hours. Every day they bring a lot of pleasure and enjoyment to their girlfriends. Women call such men: “My insatiable, my passionate, my temperamental, hot, beloved”. So men and their women can be envied.

Some don`t believe that man can make love every day many times in a row for hours. But, in fact, everything is very simple. The fact is that there is a secret to maintaining male sexual power, but which isn`t known to everyone.

Many people do gymnastics in the morning, go to sports halls and swimming pools, and all this to keep their muscles in good shape. But this isn`t enough!

Fact that genitals also require attention to themselves – many men forget. It`s necessary to regularly perform special exercises for the urinary-genital system, as well as exercises for respiratory systems, cardiovascular system, nervous system, and not only.

Men also forget that it`s necessary to do regular massage of genital and near-sex organs, testicular massage, prostate massage, buttock massage, and perineal massage. The usefulness of massage is unlikely anyone will dispute.

Massage provides additional blood flow and prevents the formation of stagnation. Massage is good prevention and a way to prevent disease. But, most men don`t bother themselves and don`t massage genitals until problems begin. Prostatitis, pain in testicles, sexual weakness, impotence, loss of interest in women – these and other phenomena aren`t uncommon among men over 40 years old.


To avoid these problems, it`s necessary to regularly perform special exercises for various systems and organs and of course massage. And then even at 90! man looks much younger than his years and can satisfy any woman and make her happy.

A woman with such a man is simply delighted with his actions. Now you too can always keep yourself in good shape.


How To Maintain Men’s Health?
How To Maintain Men’s Health?

I'm a professional fitness instructor and nutritionist, runner, husband and father. I do my best in providing the right guidance when it comes to the grounds of sexual health, nutrition and common fitness.

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