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How To Do a Pull-Up Bar Rollover?

A pull-up bar rollover is a classic exercise on the horizontal bar, which requires good physical preparation and coordination. To do it, the athlete vigorously pulls up and simultaneously raises his legs forward, thereby performing a roll over the bar.

The exercise is included in many physical education standards and is used in workout training on the horizontal bar too.

What muscles work during the exercise?

During pull-up rollover, the abdominal muscles involved in classic pulling up (biceps, triceps, delts, broad muscles, and trapezius) are strengthened.

The legs are thrown upward with the help of the abs muscles.

The legs are thrown upward with the help of the abs muscles.

In addition, such exercises enhance coordination, learn how to control your body, and calculate muscle power. The vestibular apparatus is also well trained.


As a rule, only trained athletes perform the pull-up exercise. They know how their bodies work and have sufficient physical strength. A beginner will most likely not be able to do this. Nevertheless, it is necessary to list possible contraindications:

  • Hands, elbow, or shoulder joints injuries

  • Blood pressure problems, headaches, and any head disease

  • Movement coordination disorders

It’s not worth trying to perform pull-ups if you can pull up just once or twice. In this case, there is a danger of crashing and injuring. That is, you should first learn the basic elements of chin-ups.

Exercise technique

To learn how to do rollover you should first learn the components of the exercise. These are pull-ups and hanging leg raises. You can say that you have sufficient physical strength only when you can do at least 15-20 pull-ups and the same amount of leg raise.

The technique of execution:

1Grasp the bar with a straight wide grip. Other grips are allowed, but a wide grip is a classic variant
2Next, you should simultaneously pull yourself up and raise your straight legs above the bar with force. The inertia of the movement should be enough for the legs to go over the line of the bar. The rollover occurs at the moment when the weight of the legs outweighs and they begin to go down, pulling the body up. The bar is at waist level at this time
3At the end of the movement, when the legs are already down, you need to straighten your arms

Some athletes pull up first and then raise their legs, or, conversely, raise their straight legs to the crossbar as much as possible and only then do the pull-up with arms. However, doing these phases simultaneously makes the pull-up exercise much easier.

There is another, not so popular bar rollover variant. In this case, the athlete jumps on the crossbar and by the force of inertia throws his legs up. However, the technique is considered wrong and it is better not to get used to it.

How to make Pull-up more difficult?

More experienced athletes make pull-up a little more difficult. They do not just roll over the bar but do it without touching the bar with the stomach. That is, the only part of the body that touches the crossbar are the hands.

Such a difficult pull-up exercise has the name “Feather or nine”. It’s much more difficult and requires excellent physical training and impeccable technique. To learn how to do it, you must master the technique of regular pull-ups on the bar.


What exercises are best for training?

As I’ve already mentioned above, to train the pull-up rollover you need to learn two things. First, you need to pull up and easily lift your legs from a hang position. The abs play a very important role in pull-ups.

Strengthen your abs

Strengthen your abs

You should work on stretching, which at first glance is unexpected. Try standing on the floor to bend over with a straight back and reach the floor with your palms. If you failed, your stretching is not enough and it would be problematic to perform chin-ups without bending legs. Therefore, pay additional attention to hamstrings stretching.

As you can see, pull-up bar rollover is not such a difficult exercise. Patience combined with some physical strength and technical knowledge is the key to success!

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