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Glute Walking – A Simple And Useful Exercise

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Glute walking is often used as one of the elements of therapeutic physical training. This exercise tones the gluteal muscles and increases blood circulation in the pelvis, which helps normalize bowel and bladder function and prevent hemorrhoids and prostate diseases.

How to do the exercise?

The technique of exercise is quite simple:

  • You need to sit on the floor, keep your back straight, and stretch your legs in front of you. You can bend your elbows to make it easier for you to do the exercise

  • Next, you need to pull one leg forward as much as possible, while lifting your buttock above the floor and “step” forward. Do the same with the second leg and buttock=

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Keep your back straight and straighten your legs as much as possible

After 10 steps with each leg, you should take the same number of steps back, and then take turns to the right and to the left. This is one approach. It is recommended to start walking with 2-3 approaches, subsequently increasing the duration of exercise to 10-15 minutes

It’s important to keep your back straight during the exercise and try to walk without helping yourself with your hands. You must strain the gluteal muscles. Otherwise, there is no point in doing the exercise. It is best to do the glute walking in a room with a warm and smooth floor. To avoid skin chafing, wear special shorts or use athletic pants.

The benefits of Glute-walking

As mentioned earlier, this exercise allows you to achieve the following goals:

  • It tones your gluteal muscles, supplies the tissues, smoothes the skin, and greatly reduces the manifestations of cellulite

  • It eliminates stagnation in the pelvis, strengthens pelvic floor muscles, and normalizes bowel function

  • Walking while sitting has also a massage effect. The exercise has a beneficial effect on the state of the internal organs of both males and females

It’s desirable to walk every day to achieve the best effect. The benefits of glute walking will be most noticeable in 1-2 months

Such a daily walk is useful for people leading a sedentary, almost immobile lifestyle. In addition, it’s easy to perform and doesn’t require significant physical effort.


There are no significant contraindications to this exercise. It’s suitable for people of all ages. Moreover, the level of physical fitness is not important. Glute walking is recommended even for the elderly.

The exercise is not recommended to perform during menstruation and in the first trimester of pregnancy. Stop the workout if you feel discomfort in the lower back or lower abdomen. In the future, you can start bum walk only if there are no unpleasant symptoms.

You should treat the skin with cosmetic oil or baby cream if abrasions occur. Next time wear thicker clothes to avoid it.

How does it affect the figure?

It’s an important question for women planning to exercise not for therapeutic and preventive purposes, but for the correction of the figure. Will such walking help to lose weight and improve the shape of the lower body?

Yes, the exercise is certainly useful. Walking while sitting increases blood circulation and has a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin and the general tone of the muscles. But if you are planning to burn fat more significantly or develop the muscles of the lower body you need a little more intense exercise.

Therefore, if the correction of the figure is your main goal, you can use it as a warm-up, making the main emphasis on the performance of squats, swings, or other exercises for the legs and buttocks. Do not forget about the aerobic workout, which will strengthen your cardiovascular system and speed up your metabolism. It’s also important for losing weight.

Glute Walking – A Simple And Useful Exercise
Glute Walking – A Simple And Useful Exercise

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