Train Your Legs With a Jump Squat

This is a classic plyometric exercise, during which a powerful jump squat is performed. The so-called explosive load is created, i.e. a quick effort is made in a short time, which develops muscle strength and increases their volume. The jumps can be done with minimal training, but do not forget to ...

How To Do a Pull-Up Bar Rollover?

A pull-up bar rollover is a classic exercise on the horizontal bar, which requires good physical preparation and coordination. To do it, the athlete vigorously pulls up and simultaneously raises his legs forward, thereby performing a roll over the bar. The exercise is included in many physical ...

Tips On How To Do Gymnastic Bridge

The bridge is a gymnastic exercise that can strengthen back muscles, straighten posture, develop flexibility, and improve circulation in the spinal discs' tissues. In bodybuilding, the bridge is rarely used because the very specificity of this sport involves assessing the appearance of the ...

Glute Walking – A Simple And Useful Exercise

Glute walking is often used as one of the elements of therapeutic physical training. This exercise tones the gluteal muscles and increases blood circulation in the pelvis, which helps normalize bowel and bladder function and prevent hemorrhoids and prostate diseases. How to do the exercise? The ...

Dumbbell Side Bends For Oblique Abdominal Muscles

Athletes to strengthen the oblique abdominal muscles and reduce the volume of the waist perform torso bends to the side with dumbbells. However, despite the simple technique, the exercise is often included in the training process incorrectly, which leads to the exact opposite results. The waist ...

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