Planche Push-Ups – DoThe Exercise Properly

Planche push-ups are an advanced exercise for athletes in good physical condition. If the classic push-ups no longer bring you the desired satisfaction, try to master this spectacular and complex element at the junction of gymnastics and workouts. With a certain amount of patience and hard work, ...

Smith Machine Lunges – Effective Leg Workout

Smith Machine lunges are a popular exercise for developing the hips (quads) and glutes. Exercising in the simulator allows you to achieve a fixed trajectory, which relieves stress on the muscles of the core stabilizers and allows you to maximize the focus on the target muscles. What muscles are ...

Training Legs And Buttocks With Side Lunges

Side lunges are one of the most popular exercises for the hips and glutes. There are several variations of the movement, adapted for beginners and advanced athletes. Exercise structure What muscles are involved in side lunges? Unlike classic ones, side lunges allow you to additionally work out ...

Knuckle Push-Ups. Strengthen Your Wrists Properly

Knuckle push-ups are often used for staging punches in martial arts. The exercise perfectly strengthens the hands, hardens the striking surface of the fists, and develops general muscular strength and endurance. Even if you don't practice martial arts, this type of push-up will allow you to ...

Kettlebell Squat – Exercise Technique And Benefits

The kettlebell (or Goblet) squat is a good exercise for developing the muscles in your thighs and buttocks. It’s easier than training with the barbell. The exercise is great for training beginner athletes. At the same time, the Kettlebell squat is an element of a mandatory program for those who ...

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