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Do Incline Dumbbell Triceps Extension Correctly!

Incline dumbbell triceps extension is one of the best triceps exercises that allows you to effectively work the mentioned muscle, add volume to your arms and emphasize the relief. Girls usually do the exercise to improve their shape and get rid of the laxity on the back of their arms.

Despite the apparent simplicity, it can be difficult for beginners to do the exercise correctly the first time. It’s not about the complexity, but rather the technical side of the issue.

What does the exercise give?

The Incline dumbbell triceps extension engages all three triceps heads: long, lateral, and medial.

incline dumbbell triceps extension - while sitting

The emphasis of the load in the exercise falls on the triceps

Both men and women are able to do the exercise without any problems. The workout is undemanding to the shoulders and core. It acts in isolation on the triceps.

1People, who need to work on the symmetry of the triceps, are usually doing dumbbell tricep extensions often. You will gradually build up the volume of your triceps by doing a different number of reps with your right and left hands
2The exercise is suitable for beginners who are just starting out with upper body workouts. It’ll help develop basic triceps strength so you can perform more complex workouts
3The exercise is beneficial to women who have loose skin on their shoulders after losing weight or as a result of natural age-related changes
4Triceps exercises such as reverse push-ups or the close-grip bench press put stress on the wrists and can provoke pain. When bending your arms with dumbbells, keep your hands in a natural position

Possible contraindications

Contraindications include, first of all, elbow joint injuries.

  • It is recommended to reduce the weight of the dumbbells and the number of reps if you suffer from elbow pain during training

  • In some cases, you need to exclude the exercise for 1-2 weeks

The exercise technique

To complete the exercise you will need:

  • One or two dumbbells of suitable weight

  • A horizontal bench or other knee support surface

You can do the exercise without a bench. Let’s talk about this incline dumbbell triceps extension variation separately.

incline dumbbell triceps extension - right technique

To avoid confusion in terminology, remember that the shoulder is the part of the arm above the elbow, and the forearm is the part from the elbow to the wrist.

Initial position:

1Stand with one knee on the bench
2Grasp the same side of the bench with your hand for body support and balance
3Lean forward slightly so that your torso is parallel to the floor. Your spine should be straight and your neck aligned with your back. Look ahead. Pull in your stomach and tighten your abdominal muscles
4Place the other foot on the floor
5Take a dumbbell in your free hand and bend your elbow at a right angle. This is the starting position

The exercise itself:

1Raise your bent elbow so that your shoulder is parallel to the floor. The forearm with the dumbbell is directed downward. Take a breath
2As you exhale, bend your elbow straight back until your arm is completely straight. The triceps at this moment should be as tense as possible, and the position of the shoulder should be fixed
3Hold the dumbbell in a straight hand for a few moments
4While inhaling, gently return your hand to its original position
5Repeat as many times as necessary and change sides

Be sure to watch your shoulder, it should be absolutely motionless throughout the entire exercise. Movement occurs only in the elbow joint.

Beginners often swing a dumbbell to achieve inertial shoulder abduction. Such a technique is fundamentally wrong and even dangerous. Movements should be clear and rhythmic. Remember to breathe evenly and focus on the triceps tension while extending the arm.

Standing dumbbell triceps extension

There is an option to skip the bench and train both arms at the same time. The exercise is performed in a standing position with the body tilted forward.

1Take dumbbells
2Bend your knees slightly and, keeping your back straight, tilt your body forward
3Bend your elbows at right angles and bring your shoulders back
4Extend your arms back while keeping your shoulders in a fixed position

incline dumbbell triceps extension - triceps extension

Top 5 Home Triceps Dumbbell Exercises [Video]

Check out this video from Buff Dudes:

Exercise tips

To maximize your arm extension, follow the guidelines below when doing the exercise.

  • When performing the exercise on a bench (when the body is parallel to the floor), the elbow should be at the same level as the shoulder joint.

  • The starting position is the right angle between the shoulder and the forearm.

  • You cannot swing your forearm like a pendulum. Backward swinging with a dumbbell under the influence of inertia will not give the expected result.

  • Very heavy dumbbells are not recommended.

The dumbbell triceps extension does not imply the use of large weights. You need to keep the shoulder in a fixed position to perform the exercise correctly.

A medium and large number of reps are performed in several approaches (2-3 sets of 8-12 reps).

Most popular mistake

A common beginner’s mistake when doing the dumbbell tricep extension is dropping the elbows unconsciously.

1When your elbow is lowered, the arm-extending range decreases. At the same time, the tension of the triceps at the endpoint of extension decreases
2The person tries to compensate for this lack of amplitude by bending the arm more than the exercise requires

Sometimes a heavy dumbbell can cause your elbow to drop. Pick a different weight in this case.

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