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Biceps Workout – Dumbbell Concentration Curl

The dumbbell concentration curl is a classic arm muscle exercise. The isolating movement gives your arms volume and strength. Having some biceps mass is essential for effective training. The exercise will be most beneficial for athletes with training experience.

What does the exercise give?

What is the purpose of the exercise? What muscles are maximized?

1The biceps muscle, that is, the biceps. This is the target muscle that does almost all of the work when the dumbbell is lifted. An isolated load contributes to the formation of a volumetric peak of the biceps, both heads are worked out at once

2Shoulder muscle (brachialis)

3Brachioradialis muscle (brachioradialis)

Muscle work during exercise

Thus, the exercise develops the biceps and forearm. When the goal is a comprehensive arm workout and not just biceps, it needs to be supplemented with other exercises. Such training will make the body harmonious and beautiful.

The dumbbell concentration curl is recommended for intermediate and above athletes. It’s best done at the end of your arm workout. In other words, you should first warm up, then perform, for example, dumbbell lifting, and after that, you can proceed to the dumbbell concentration curl.

It’s recommended to do 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps. Focus on your fitness level by choosing the optimal weight. For beginners, it’s better to use 5-10 kg dumbbells. In the future, you can gradually increase your weight. In any case, the weight you use for isolation exercises should be lower than for basic exercises.

“The main guarantee of the effectiveness of the exercise is the correct technique.”


Exercise technique

How to do the dumbbell concentration curl correctly? First, you need to take the starting position. Take a dumbbell and sit with your legs wide apart. Lean forward slightly while keeping your spine straight.


Mechanics of movement

Bend your free arm at the elbow and place your palm on your knee or thigh. Lower your arm with a dumbbell, bend it slightly and press your triceps into the inner thigh. If you did everything correctly, the elbow will be slightly lower than the hip. Your position should be stable and comfortable. Hold the dumbbell with a neutral grip with the palm facing the centerline of the body. Now you can start the exercise.

1As you exhale, gently bend your working arm at the elbow until you feel a full contraction of the biceps. Fix this position, tense your muscles as much as possible and pause for 1-2 breathing cycles

2Inhale and slowly lower your arm, controlling the work of the muscles. Return to starting position. Don’t unbend your elbow to the end and don’t throw the weight down sharply

3Do the required number of reps, rest for 1 minute and proceed to the next set


Useful Tips

Follow these guidelines for best results.

1During the entire movement, the upper arm with the dumbbell shouldn’t move. The arm is bent at the elbow and only the forearm moves. Any unnecessary movement of the arms and hands makes the concentration curl less effective

2You shouldn’t unbend and relax your arm completely at the lowest point. Keep your muscles tense at all times

3Those who have mastered the exercise well can make it harder by increasing the amplitude. Place a block or any other platform under your supporting leg

4Lower your hand down to 2-3 and raise it to 1

Advanced athletes can handle heavy weights by helping themselves with their free arms. It is necessary to lower the weight with one hand. This will speed up muscle growth. Finish with a stretch.

Exercise’s pros

The dumbbell concentration curl has many benefits. These include:

  • Targeted work of one muscle group, which increases the effectiveness of the exercise

  • Rapid formation of biceps

  • The formation of a muscle reflex

  • Working out the arms without barbells and large weights, which is especially important for girls who often prefer to use dumbbells

The dumbbell concentration curl is a typical movement for many sports. Success often depends on the strength of the biceps. In addition, the condition of the biceps directly affects the effectiveness of training the muscles of the back and chest. For this reason, everyone needs to incorporate the dumbbell concentration curl into their training program.

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